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We’re officially knee-deep in Spring which means breaking out those gardening gloves and tools to grow all of the pretty things.

Planting, plowing, weeding, and raking wreck havoc on our hands and knees. All in the name of beautiful flowers, plants, fruits, and veggies. We must care for ourselves, however. With Indulge Pure Originals’ line of moisturizing soaps, scrubs, and hydrating lotions and creams, we’ll have all of your most important parts lathered, rubbed, and moisturized after that hard day’s work in the yard.

Citrus Bliss Moisturizing Soap


This rich, hand-crafted body soap blends the bright notes of Japanese Yuzu with our signature custom-blend Citrus fragrance and is enriched with white cocoa butter. Imagine…citrus in a flurry of bubbles! This glycerin soap is gentle to the skin and very fragrant as warm water brings out the brightness of the citrus blend.

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Citrus Body Butter Bar


This light and fresh Citrus scent is a customer favorite! Layer the unparalleled moisture of our Citrus Body Butter Bar over the lingering scent of the Indulge Pure Originals Citrus Bliss soap for an energizing start to your day!

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Specialized soaps that cleanse, to scrubs that slough off grime and dirt, and Body Butter lotion bars to hydrate and heal cracked over-worked hands – Shop our featured products below