Front Line Care Kit


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First responders involved in caring for patients in the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic are experiencing extreme measures of cleansing. From cleansing hands and using hand sanitizer with alcohol, our first responders are seeing and feeling the effects from over-cleansing.


Our travel-sized Front Line Care Kit offers:

The NEW Hope Soap™ – a specially-designed moisturizing soap for cleansing dry skin in a refreshing, uplifting scent – giving hope and inspiration.

An Unscented Body Butter Bar™ for use in the shower and at the sink offers complete skin hydration and replenishment after lost moisture. It helps to repair and recondition the skin. It’s small enough for pocket-travel while on-the-move, and may be kept in a small bag for use outside of the shower or when warm water isn’t available keeping hands hydrated.

When you sponsor a Care Kit, your name or business will be included on the kit so the recipient knows who is thinking of them.

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9 in stock (can be backordered)

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