Don’t Believe Me?

That’s Me At 36 Weeks Pregnant And Here I Am Now 2 Years Later.

That’s me – Ready for my littles to arrive!


So thankful I used my kit consistently!

When I found out I was pregnant I was so happy –
overwhelmed but happy!

As I shared the news with friends and family (and also everyone on Facebook), I immediately started
getting advice… …What to eat, how to exercise, what to expect mixed in with a lot of congratulations. —
Can you relate?

I was flying high

My husband, Sean, was extremely supportive and was so excited about becoming a dad. After the first few days,
though, the excitement turned to fear. My ultrasound showed that I was going to carry not one, but TWO
growing babies inside me… …How was that even going to be possible???

Questions started popping in my head like…”was my body ever going to be the same again?” , “will I ever sleep
again?”, “how in the world are we going to do this?!”

You see, I was a very active woman pre-pregnancy. My friends would probably call me a bit of a “CrossFit junkie”.
Here’s a few photos of me working out before the twins.

I was very proud of the work I had put in. Honestly I was proud of my body. It sounds a little bad to admit it but I
was worried what having twins was going to do to my body…

…I wasn’t worried about the weight. I knew I could always get back into the gym and lose that.

What really scared me was the possibility of
stretch marks.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with stretch marks, in fact I would be proud to
have them, But I did wonder whether I could find a way to minimize them and extend the life of my youthful
pre-baby body.

So I started researching…
…Probably just like you are now. I headed over to google and put in
“Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks”.

Well Dr Google certainly had a lot of opinions… …It was a little overwhelming. Who should I listen to?
Should I try and do everything? Was less more? Totally confused about what I should do, I picked up
the phone and did what every good daughter does…

…I called my Mom, Kimberly.

Thankfully, Momma Bear had some great advice for me… …The first part being that

Dr Google Is Probably Not
Your Best Source Of Information.

Ah Mom…!!

After that, she went on to tell me about the wonderful benefits of Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter and how, for
years, mothers-to-be, like me, have been using it to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Mom told me
how Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter improves the skin elasticity, prevents dryness resulting in a reduction in
stretch marks.

Now I know, we all love our moms, but sometimes mom’s advice doesn’t work out…
….In this case it did!

Not only did mom give me this great advice, but she actually made Shea Butter and Cocoa butter products for
me using VEGAN and FOOD GRADE ingredients. (Yes I know she went a little overboard, but I know she loves me).

You see, Mom, Kimberly, has been in the business of natural skin care since 2011 when she couldn’t solve her own dry, itchy skin problem.
So, I totally trusted her to provide a product for me that was free from all the junk, fillers,
chemicals, and crappy ingredients that I know were not safe for me or my growing babies.
How awesome is that?!

Now I don’t have to tell you how well this worked for me, you can just see the pictures below

So for those of you who are worried about stretch marks, don’t worry,
I’ve got some of Mom’s great advice .

Introducing the Indulge Pure Originals
Anti-Stretch Mark Kit

Kimberly (my mom) has empowered me to take my good news story, share it with you, and help you
also reduce the amount of stretch marks you’ll get from your pregnancy!

All you need to do is grab your very own handmade, Momma Bear’s recipe, Indulge Pure Originals
Anti-Stretch Mark Kit.

This is the very kit that my Momma Bear lovingly put together and managed to help me prevent pregnancy-related
stretch marks during my pregnancy!
I am POSITIVE you will be happy with the kit, the results, and also the
smooth and silky feeling of well-moisturized skin.

In the kit my mom, Kimberly, has included: change to: Here’s everything you’ll need:

The Indulge Pure Originals Cocoa Butter Cream is a specifically formulated cream designed to
hydrate and moisturize even the driest of skin. Inspired by the Body Butter Bar, the Cocoa Butter Cream
is the Ultimate Moisture Cream.

In my personal experience, I used the Cocoa Butter Cream morning and evening. In the morning, after
showering and using my Body Butter Bar, I took a fair amount of Cocoa Butter Cream and rubbed it into
my belly while I was still warm from my shower. With my pores open from the warmth of the shower,
it really allowed my skin to absorb the pure Cocoa Butter and make my skin so soft and silky.

This is a key piece of the Anti-Stretch Mark Kit and worth every single penny you invest in it,
especially if you’re worried about stretch marks just like I was.

The Indulge Pure Originals Cocoa Butter Body Butter Bar is the original product that launched Indulge Pure Originals. It’s one of the most popular products from the Indulge Pure Originals line, and my personal favorite. The Body Butter Bar is specifically formulated to relieve dry, itchy skin by replenishing lost moisture with pure Cocoa Butter.

I personally used the Cocoa Body Butter Bar while still in the shower. I was absolutely amazed at how this bar works. Before then, I had never even heard of a lotion you use while in the shower! It looks like a regular bar of soap, but it’s not! It’s a solid lotion bar that literally melts onto your skin. After I completely cleansed my body and ever-growing belly, I held the bar in my hand under the warm, running shower water. There did come a point where I sat down just to make sure I was stable. The melted butters can make tubs slippery – so I was extra cautious. Once the bar warmed up, and I could feel it melt in my hand, I glided the bar over my skin and gave myself a well-deserved mini massage by rubbing the Cocoa Butter into my skin just like I would regular lotion. After I lotioned up my whole body, I pat my skin dry with a towel, taking caution not to rub the butters off. During the day, after washing my hands, I would use the bar at the sink so that my hands would stay nice and hydrated. I don’t know why, but it seemed like I was always SO dry during my pregnancy and this really helped replenish the lost moisure.

The Indulge Pure Originals Oatmeal Soap is a unique soap which helped me to cleanse and exfoliate my skin without feeling left dry and tight. It has Cocoa Butter and real ground oats without any harsh chemicals. This was super important to me because I know that any chemicals that I put on my skin, can potentially pass on to my babies, and I absolutely did not want that! The Oatmeal Soap is specifically formulated to moisturize, cleanse, and provide gentle exfoliation – just enough that it buffs away dead skin allowing new skin to come through.

As you can see the retail value of the entire Indulge Pure Originals
Anti-Stretch Mark Kit is $63.70

Now some of you may consider this expensive for a cream, body butter bar and soap…

…In some cases I may even agree with you. But let me lay your concerns to rest. The investment in this kit, is worth every single penny in peace of mind. I can personally attest to the amazing affects it had on my very own body during the pregnancy of my twins.

Take a look at the before and after photos again:

I Couldn’t Wait For Them To
Come Out!


You Don’t Need To Be Self Conscious…
Let Me Show You How!

But don’t just take my word for it, here are some glowing reviews of the Indulge Pure Originals line
of products:

“I experienced some irritation on my belly as I was reaching 12 weeks and started looking around for something that would help ease the itching and irritation and also help to keep my skin from stretching.

After searching for some time, I came across Kimberly from Indulge Pure Originals and she had some great advice. After taking her advice and buying the “Pregnancy Kit” from Indulge, I found that my skin felt less “stretched” and the constant “Itchiness” was gone.”

– Sarah –York, PA

“I was expecting our second child and after learning from the first, I started looking for moisturizers that were natural and could help minimize the amount of post pregnancy stretch marks I would develop.

Luckily, I found out about the Pregnancy Kit from Kimberly at Indulge Pure Originals.  The results are pretty amazing. Sure, I had a few marks, but nothing like what I was expecting!”

– Courtney – Maryland

“Worried about what my body would look like after my first baby, at about 6 weeks pregnant I was introduced to Kimberly from Indulge Pure Originals and her advice was really refreshing.

She was really the first person to give me the truth. Following her advice, I used the Pregnancy Kit to help reduce the number of stretch marks that I received.”

– Lauren – Greensboro, GA

“Good product.  I still have a few stretch marks, but I think that’s expected.  The good part is that the itchiness I experienced previously was not prevalent this time.”

– Jocelyn – Athens, GA

“I’ve been using this throughout my pregnancy and it’s great! It’s not greasy and smells great.”

– Erica – Harrisburg, PA

“Worth every penny. I was looking for natural products, but the majority of the products I found were outside my price range. The Indulge Pure Originals products are affordable and, more importantly, pure and natural. I love how they helped me through my pregnancy!”

– Lara – Fayetteville, NC

“I used this product throughout my third trimester of pregnancy, and it kept my skin soft and itch-free. I don’t have any stretch marks – whether due to this product or luck, who knows.”

– Karen – Atlanta, GA

“I am not pregnant nor was I pregnant, however, I gained a bit of weight in a short period of time which ended up giving me stretch marks. I started using the products for about a month now. In the beginning, I only used it at night, and then started incorporating the Body Butter Bar into my shower routine. I noticed the stretch marks fading consistently over the past few weeks. Since then, I’ve been using the products twice a day. I absolutely love it, and am so glad to have found it!”

– Dorothy – York, PA

As you can see, I’m not the only one RAVING about the Indulge Pure Originals products.

Right now you have a decision to make, and to help you make that decision I am going to do something that Kimberly has never done with the Indulge Pure Originals Anti-Stretch Mark Kit.

Today, when you invest in your very own stretch-mark free pregnancy instead of paying the REGULAR RETAIL PRICE of $63.70

You’ll pay just $59.95

Don’t hesitate, act now.


This really is a “no-brainer”. It should be the easiest decision you make all day. The Indulge Pure Originals Anti-Stretch Mark Kit is VEGAN, it is made from FOOD QUALITY ingredients, it’s been proven to minimize stretch marks from a TWINS PREGNANCY.

If you really care about your “after pregnancy body” then the investment of $59.95 is nothing compared to the amazing upside.

Don’t hesitate, act now.