Sunkiss GLOW Butter Body Butter Bar


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Give Yourself A Natural Glow With NEW! Glow Butter! Made With Cocoa Butter And Mica To Hydrate Naturally And Give Your Skin A Stand Out Shimmer.


Glide this GLOW Butter across your skin for a chocolatey, shimmery experience that will leave your skin glistening in the Summer sun. You’ll stand out at the pool or beach with gorgeous, glowing skin.

Apply to your warm body when outside at the pool or the beach. Your skin will sparkle and glow in the most natural way possible!


*Always store in a travel case with a cool pack to prevent the bar from melting. This bar smells just like chocolate due to the pure, Organic Cocoa Butter. You’ll smell just like a Hershey’s chocolate bar!

4 in stock

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