JUST IN: RevitaMint Foaming Soap Scrub

Treat yourself with nourishing Tamanu Oil and Ground Pumice that buffs away dry skin

Scrub away dead skin

RevitaMint Foaming Soap Scrub

RevitaMint Foaming Soap Scrub is a welcome addition to the Indulge Pure Originals family of scrubs!

Designed to scrub away flaking, dead skin to reveal luminous, soft, silky skin. Crafted with the inclusion of naturally hydrating components of: Avocado Oil and Tamanu Oil to hydrate, refresh, and soothe.


Lather Up In Mint

Mint Pumice Scrub Soap

Start your day with our invigorating Mint Pumice Scrub soap followed by the unparalleled moisture of a Body Butter Bar™.

It’s almost like giving your skin a mist of minty happiness!



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