Treat Momma This Mother’s Day

Mothers come in all forms – from Biological Mothers, Step Mothers, Mothers that picked up the slack, Grandmothers, Motherly Figures. They all count.

Show that special someone how much you care by selecting a perfectly Pure Original treat just for them.

Show Mom Some Love

Love Salt Soak

Bathe in brilliant notes of floral citrus with pops of peony, hyacinth, and lily of the valley with our popular Love scent and 100% pure, unrefined sea salts from Israel and the Mediterranean Sea.


Lather Up In Citrus

Citrus Bliss Soap

Start your day with our energizing Citrus Bliss soap followed by the unparalleled moisture of our Citrus Body Butter Bar. It’s almost like giving your skin a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to make you feel happy and energetic at the start of your day.



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