The soap scrubs are awesome after gardening. What’s best for my skin if it is really itchy and dry?2017-02-23T07:14:07+00:00

Our soap scrubs were designed to get gardening dirt out from under the nails and really clean the skin – without the harmful effects of harsh chemicals. For example, the Oatmeal Cocoa Butter Soap truly gives you the best of both worlds. It is a nice natural soap that does have oatmeal in it for its buffing properties while moisturizing the skin at the same time and not shredding the skin as some soaps do. Your hands will not feel dried out after use. In fact, it can be used all over your body if you want a more aggressive soap that will take care of a patch of dry, itchy skin.

The Mint Pumice Scrub has more assertive ingredients in to actually remove dead skin that builds up on the heels and the calloused areas of the hands and elbows. Scrub away with the nice minty lather to cleanse and clean off the dead stuff. It works great as a pumice, too, so it’s a dependable product to remove dirt and grime off the hands and arms. Even auto mechanics love it!

The mint soap scrub will eventually be worn down and won’t be as aggressive, so it can be used all over the body once it doesn’t have the aggressive buffing salts in it.

One important note: never use any of our scrub soaps in or near your private areas because they are super sensitive.

I enjoy the different fragrances Indulge Pure OriginalsTM has to offer. Can I use different ones together?2017-02-23T07:14:10+00:00

It’s always fun to experiment and I say go ahead if you like that layered affect. We prefer to recommend that families of fragrances be used together – such as Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Egyptian Musk with Citrus Moisturizing Cream layered on after using the Citrus Body Butter Bar. It’s a combination that gives a happy, sexy, aromatic feeling before you start your day. Follow up with the Egyptian Musk perfume and you have quite the sexy start without overpowering the office or your car.

As you enjoy our different products you will find, with time, the fragrances that will make you feel beautiful and happy. You will discover the product combinations that work best for you. Also know that any of our lovely fragrances will not overpower your favorite perfume.

Are these all natural moisturizers and lotions?2017-02-23T07:14:12+00:00

Our Indulge Pure OriginalsTM moisturizing creams and lotions are made with natural products from Africa and other sources that are completely in line with the highest and purest ingredients available. The cocoa butter used smells like chocolate and that is a natural fragrance. The Shea butter is processed and refined because in its raw state it smells like dirty feet and is green. Nobody would put something that has the aroma of smelly feet on his or her body, no matter how good it is for your skin.

The essential oil fragrances are added to create our special scents, which is not heavy but light and aromatic.

The last ingredient that you see listed on our labels is required by the FDA to kill any bacteria that may find its way into your jar or container, caused for example when you touch a countertop than put your fingers into the jar for application. The FDA wants to keep you healthy and keep your product lasting longer without you getting sick from some crazy bacteria that found its way onto your hands. So we are happy to share this with you.

I had a cut on my arm and noticed that my skin started to heal more quickly than usual. Are there healing properties in these products?2017-02-23T07:14:26+00:00

Nothing short of a prayer that whomever uses these products will be blessed. We have had customers using these products who totally swear that their skin has healed. Even though ingredients like cocoa butter and Shea butter have naturally healing properties, we do not make any official claims about our products. We can only go by what our consumers have to say about their experiences.

My feet are cracked in the back of the heel and are so dry. What should I do?2017-02-23T07:13:44+00:00

This is an easy answer for you and will take a few nights of application.

  • First, wash your feet when you get home from work or right before you are ready to nestle down for sleep. Clean feet and warm feet will absorb our products much better than when they are dry.
  • While your feet are warm and wet, apply a generous dollop of our Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Cocoa Butter Cream (our Ultimate Moisture Cream that comes in a brown jar) and slather it generously everywhere you are cracked and hurting.
  • Grab some socks that you warmed up in the dryer or microwave for a few seconds and slip them on for the night. In the morning your feet will feel so good you won’t want to shower!
    This same concept can be used on your hands that become dry and cracked. The Ultimate Moisture Cocoa Butter Cream is pure moisture and so easy to use. I remember when we were first developing this product I placed a light blanket on my couch, applied generously and nearly slipped off the blanket! Ok maybe I was a bit excessive, but I had to tweak it from there to have what you have in your hands. Was it worth it? Absolutely.
My dog seems to be attracted to my Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Body Butter Bar. If he eats it, or licks it, will he die?2017-02-23T07:13:54+00:00

We have not experienced death with any animals. Pets are often attracted to these body butter products because they smell so good and are made with natural ingredients – including Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil. To avoid any problems, do not leave any of our products on a table or sink where a pet can reach up or jump up to grab them. Obviously, call your vet if you have concerns. All Indulge Pure OriginalsTM products are made for topical use, on the skin only.

When I use my Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Moisturizing Cream or Body Butter Bar before I step out of the shower, it feels a little slippery. What should I do?2017-02-23T07:14:31+00:00

I recommend that you have a shower mat, carpet or a towel – something that you can step onto as you exit a shower or tub, that will grip your toes and feet to prevent falling or slipping. When your feet are moisturized it takes the roughness away that normally would grab and stay put on linoleum, vinyl or slippery tile. So take care and place something directly outside your shower to step onto, like you are a goddess!

Note: you can also pat dry before your step out. I recommend that you sit on a stool or a chair and apply any moisturizer while sitting.

If I keep my Indulge Pure OriginalTM Body Butter Bar in the shower, will it melt?2017-02-23T07:14:34+00:00

Yes it will. So take care my friend and place the bar in a plastic container or somewhere in your shower where the water will not hit the bar. After each use, it will re-harden immediately with zero waste.

Why did my Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Body Butter Bar break in half?2017-02-23T07:14:37+00:00

It can if you have a death grip on it! You do not have to press down on your body butter bar if it is used correctly. When you are finished with your shower or bath, place the Body Butter Bar under the shower or warm bath water to soften, then apply it while your body is warm and wet with water. The water allows the bar to spread evenly without waste onto your skin and you can move it around your body, anywhere you want to soften and moisturize. Then pat dry with your towel without rubbing it off. You will experience awesome results if you do it this way.

What happens if I apply Indulge Pure OriginalTM Body Butter Bar on dry skin?2017-02-23T07:14:40+00:00

Our body butter bars are designed for use on warm, wet skin, ideally just after you come out of a bath or shower – before you touch a towel. You can also hold the body butter bar under warm water and then apply it to warm skin. This allows the body butter moisturizing bar to be absorbed into the top layers of the skin that need hydrated the most. Then, when you pat dry with a towel, it allows the air to close the pores – trapping the moisture into the skin.

If you want to really maximize the moisture level for super dehydrated skin, apply Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Moisturizing Cream or Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Hand & Body Lotion right after you towel dry. Your dry skin will feel so much better, and will practicably be eliminated with continual use.