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REASON #1 – BOUTIQUE BRAND: Indulge Pure Originals is a boutique brand focused on producing superior quality products which target common issues like dry skin, irritable skin, skin conditions such as Eczema, cracked hands and feet, crepey skin, and dull, dehydrated skin. According to a recent study, 1 in 32 people have dry skin. That is a lot of people who need relief – and you can be the one to help them!

REASON #2 – PRODUCT EXCLUSIVITY: Indulge Pure Originals is not available in traditional retailers. This is a HUGE bonus for YOU! This means when your customers and clients fall in love with Indulge Pure Originals they have to come back to you to purchase it again!

REASON #3 – A NATURAL UPSELL: Whether your clients are lifting weights, running on the treadmill, getting a haircut, massage or spa treatment, or window shopping your boutique, there’s one thing that all your clients have in common. They are focused on improving their physical wellbeing and appearance. This makes Indulge Pure Originals a natural upsell to ANY client.

REASON #4 – WE’RE HERE TO HELP: With a boutique brand like Indulge Pure Originals, our major growth focus is on our wholesale partners. We can assist you with preparing your marketing promotion schedule for Indulge Pure Originals products, equip you with marketing materials, and sales help. Becoming an IPO Partner means you’re working with us directly, and as a team, we’ll help support your growth in any way we can.

REASON #5 – WE ARE BUSINESS OWNERS: Yes, you read that right! We are owners of a number of salons. We created the Indulge Pure Originals suite of products due to demand from our Salon Clients. So when we say we know they sell, you can trust us ☺


Quite simply put, we provide you access to the Indulge Pure Originals products at a discounted rate, allowing you to on sell them to your clients and make a reasonable profit.

Additionally, we agree not to accept other Wholesale Partners within a 20 Mile Radius of your Business, which means you can have the EXCLUSIVITY of the Indulge Pure Originals products in your local area.


We love working with small businesses who enjoy offering unique and natural products for their customers. We would absolutely love to speak with you about how Indulge Pure Originals might be a good fit for your business.

Complete the Wholesale Application below, and we’ll be in touch right away!