Mint Pumice Scrub


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Our Mint Pumice Scrub is ideal for rough feet and dirty hands. Made with a refreshing blend of high quality vegetable oils, shea butter and natural silk fibers, this wonderful soap is truly a treat for your driest patches.

Originally created to eliminated those nasty calluses on your heels, Mint Pumice Scrub has also became a favorite of gardeners, auto mechanics – anyone who wants a dependable product to remove dirt and grime off their arms and hands.

If you suffer from dry, itchy skin on your ankles, legs and arms, the scrub can also be used in the shower as long as it’s used gently. . .and never on your face or private areas where the skin can easily be irritated due to this soap’s aggressive exfoliating properties. You will feel immediate relief and your skin will be super smooth and soft – NOT ITCHY.

Best for the following skin conditions: dry, itchy, flaky skin, callused feet, rashes that flake. Also helps cleanse all areas of the skin. Note: due to the high content of pumice, this soap is not a body soap and should be used with caution even on the toughest of skin.


  • Eliminates dry flaky skin.
  • Reduces and can eliminate itchy skin.
  • Reduces calluses.
  • Cleans thoroughly with a minty fresh feel.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Coconut, Palm, Palm Kernel and Castor with Shea Butter, Ground Pumice, Fragrance and Natural Silk Fibers. The Mint is part of the fragrance. There is no mint added to this soap.

Indulge Pure Originals™ Mint Scrub Soapuses sustainable ingredients and was never tested on animals. Made in the U.S.A.