Heart-shaped pennant banners, pink-colored candles, roses, rows and rows of every variety of pink and red Valentine’s Day cards. Valentine’s Day has become a day that’s celebrated worldwide and is a focus on lovers and relationships to express their love and affection.

For some, however, it’s a day that may represent a loss or someone who isn’t present any longer. It may be time of hurt, loneliness and heart-break.

With so much hype of showering someone with love, what isn’t mentioned very often is loving on yourself. We so often forget to remember ourselves. Bustling activity, remembering this, remembering that, going here, going there, birthday parties, dinner, work, friends…the list is unending, and we often get shoved to the back of the priority list.

I believe that it’s righteously important to make ourselves a priority this Valentine’s Day – Be Your Own Valentine. Treat yourself! Take the time to thank YOU for being the amazing, wonderful, lovely YOU.

Has it been too long? Not sure what to do?

4 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine

Here’s a list of simple ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Splurge on the expensive coffee – maybe you do this already, but I find myself drinking the same Large Coffee, 4 Creams coffee every day. I never really think to get something that might give me a little more spring in my step or make my taste buds bounce with excitement. It’s okay to experience something new and adventurous – it’ll be worth the $8, promise.
  2. Give yourself the night off – this will be different for each person. If you’re a Mom who is constantly in the throws of planning and executing, this may mean you spend the night in a hotel room binge-watching “You” or “The Crown” or “Call The Midwife” and ordering room-service because, damnit, you’re not cooking for yourself or anyone else. If you’re a busy, hard-working woman who needs time to s-l-o-w down and rest, take a break from all of the things you normally do on a day-to-day basis – do something that you actually enjoy – get out and go to a movie, or order take-out and curl up on the couch with a good book or again…binge watch the latest! Either way – remove yourself from your regular pace of life and tone it down. Your body and mind will be ever grateful for the rest.
  3. Have your nails done – it may seem like a luxury, and you-know-what…it is. A glorious luxury that can actually uplift your spirit. I recently had a manicure after going on a hiatus of about a year and a half long. Let me tell you – having beautiful nails can make you feel more polished, put-together, and enjoy yourself a little more. You won’t regret this one.
  4. Give yourself two more minutes in the shower – I know, I know…you’re thinking “only 2 minutes”? YES. Two more minutes of serenity from the outside world. Lather up in the best moisturizing soap in the most feminine scent ever, the Love Moisturizing Soap, and then give your skin the gift of fantastically smooth skin with the sweetest heart-shaped Love Body Butter Bar™. You’ll feel clean, refreshed, and pretty. Both of these found only in the NEW Love Duo. If you only choose #4, you won’t regret it!
Indulge Pure Originals Love Duo

Treating yourself this Valentine’s Day is absolutely essential. Take care of yourself so that you can better serve others –

You Loving on You makes the world a better place, friends.

Stay Moisturized,