Our world is created by each and every unique individual that walks this planet. Infrastructure, business, community groups, products, services and the like are all formed by willing and motivated individuals.

In honor of International Women’s Day, this series, Women Making Waves, is a series on Women’s Impact On The World. Each week, we feature a woman that inspires us and is at the beginning of her business, in the middle, or has been pursuing her dream for a while. Each individual making an impact on this world.

Donna Gonsalves | Collagen BLU

In our final week of Women Making Waves, I’m excited to introduce to you, Donna Gonsalves of Collagen BLU! Donna is the Founder and creator of Collagen BLU – a high quality marine collagen supplement that truly improves the skin’s quality and texture, provides joint support, and helps the body repair faster.

We asked Donna to answer the following questionnaire about she and her business. Check it out:

Collagen BLU Goes Perfect In Healthy Smoothies
Collagen BLU Stick Pack
Donna Gonsalves | Collagen BLU

There are so many more details you can learn about Collagen BLU via our audio interview with Donna including product efficacy, quality of ingredients, and a NEW product Collagen BLU is releasing in the near future.

Check out the full recording here:


We are so glad to have such a wonderful relationship with Donna and are so happy to carry Collagen BLU to support skin from within. You can shop Collagen BLU right here.

Stay Well + Stay Moisturized!


Contact Donna here:

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: www.facebook.com/collagenblu

Instagram: www.instagram.com/collagenblu

Instagram: @collagenblu

Email:[email protected]