Our world is created by each and every unique individual that walks this planet. Infrastructure, business, community groups, products, services and the like are all formed by willing and motivated individuals.

In honor of International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, this series, Women Making Waves, is a series on Women’s Impact On The World. Each week, we’ll be featuring a woman that inspires us and is at the beginning of her business, in the middle, or has been pursuing her dream for a while. Each individual making an impact on this world.

Sierra Luther | Women Making Waves

Beginning our Women Making Waves series is Sierra Luther of Whisk Management. Sierra and I actually met in high-school, and have been friends ever since! Sierra’s business opportunity developed from a need to fulfill her own passion as well as be of service to those who may need to have a little help in the kitchen or for those who don’t even know how to begin to boil water.

Sierra and her family

We asked Sierra to answer the following questionnaire about she and her business. Check it out:

Sierra Luther of Whisk Management
Cupcakes and Cake By Sierra Luther of Whisk Management
Seashell Cupcakes by Sierra Luther of Whisk Management

Kimberly, Indulge Pure Originals’ Founder, spent some time with Sierra interviewing her on audio.

Check out the full recording here:


Sierra is really on the brink of some incredible work by offering her services to help others to not just learn how to cook, meal prep, or plan for an event, she’s also creating a space for people to come together and share an experience – make a memory!

Whisk Management offers the following services:

  1. Group Coaching – Kitchen Basics, $75 – Three 1-Hour Classes, 1 Per Week – Join along in one of Whisk Management’s Group Coaching Cooking Classes. With specific topics for each class, you’ll learn everything from Kitchen Basics to how to cook a meal in under 30 minutes and still have the kids in bed on time.
  2. One-On-One Classes – Customized classes based on what you are looking to learn! What do you want to learn how to make? Have you always wanted to learn how to make that unicorn cake for your daughter or grand-daughter?
  3. Grocery List Prep & Procurement – Do you feel overwhelmed by meal ingredient lists and where to find specific ingredients in the store? Sierra can help not only to prepare the grocery list for you, she goes one step further – orders your groceries and has them delivered or have them ready for you to pick up! Easy peasy!

Commissioned Desserts! – Are you in the local area and just want to order a delectable dessert made from scratch? Sierra does that!Don’t forget to check out the full recording with full details on everything Whisk Management!Listen Here: https://www.audioacrobat.com/email/E7WkfngYn0

We are so grateful for Sierra’s desire to help others feel empowered in the kitchen.

Be on the lookout for next week’s feature in Women Making Waves.

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Contact Sierra here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/whiskmanagement

Instagram: @whisk_mgmt

Email: [email protected]