NEW Year.

NEW Opportunities.


There is something about the ending of a year full of activities, adventures, changes, challenges, and everything in-between while excitedly embracing the new year ahead.

Although a simple change in time – 11:59pm to 12:00 am – it’s really a whole new minute that leads to a new year of opportunities. I always experience child-like excitement and wonder while preparing-for and planning a new year both personally and professionally.

Passion Planner

A new planner (which I am always thrilled to order in November!) with fresh, crisp pages, unmarked, full of creativity and opportunity. The perfectionist in me plans for a plan to begin the 2020 adventure. So careful to not make any undesirable markings on these fresh pages – only perfect, smooth, white pages. My favorite of all-time planner (thanks, Passion Planner!) becomes the catalyst for a year full of tasks to achieve goals, stay on target, accomplish the every day, and reflect throughout the year ahead.

I have always loved even numbers – there’s something about the year 2020 that


We have an incredible year outlined for Indulge Pure Originals to include many product launches, easier to navigate website, partnerships, and exciting events. That’s what’s so great about this new year – so many things planned, new products to produce, and all of the great things coming ahead!

We so look forward to the 2020 adventure of bringing to you the best products for your best skin.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Cheers to you and what incredible opportunities 2020 will bring you!

Stay Moisturized,