Five days into 2020  – have you decided on your goals?

Tried a new church today, and the Pastor said that he believes there are two types of people – Goal Setters and Non-Goal Setters. Do you believe this to be true? A friend of mine and I nodded to each other in agreement (we’re both goal-setters, and our husbands don’t make it as much of a priority).

Part of my goals for 2020 was to add more variety to my fitness routine – tonight I committed to going to yoga. This was always an enjoyment of mine, but never a priority. While at the session tonight, it dawned on me that the Non-Goal Setters of this world really need to do one thing before even thinking about goals or dreams for this year and beyond.

Want to know?

If you haven’t yet decided on goals for yourself, you need to do one thing – breathe and take time to focus on yourself.

Focus on Yourself Through Meditation and Yoga

That could be taking time to meditate and appreciate who you are as a person, the wonderful things you do on a daily basis, and who you have become over the past year. It could be to do an activity that reflects self-care. Maybe that’s going to have a manicure and pedicure…treating yourself to a mini-spa experience that helps you to relax and let go of daily stressors. Perhaps it means going to bed at an earlier time to relax and recharge yourself.

Whatever activity you choose to do, you simply need to focus on yourself.

Release yourself of negative self-talk, things that you may not have accomplished in the previous year, downplaying the things you did accomplish, and the things that didn’t even make it on your list last time.

Give yourself some grace, some encouragement, and choose joy. By focusing on yourself, you’re giving yourself permission to be first – to be the center of attention. Perhaps, when you re-align yourself, you can define the goals that you want to make – the relationships you want to nurture, the amazing things you’re meant to do in this world.

Embrace YOU, friends.

With love,