Our Indulge Pure OriginalsTM moisturizing creams and lotions are made with natural products from Africa and other sources that are completely in line with the highest and purest ingredients available. The cocoa butter used smells like chocolate and that is a natural fragrance. The Shea butter is processed and refined because in its raw state it smells like dirty feet and is green. Nobody would put something that has the aroma of smelly feet on his or her body, no matter how good it is for your skin.

The essential oil fragrances are added to create our special scents, which is not heavy but light and aromatic.

The last ingredient that you see listed on our labels is required by the FDA to kill any bacteria that may find its way into your jar or container, caused for example when you touch a countertop than put your fingers into the jar for application. The FDA wants to keep you healthy and keep your product lasting longer without you getting sick from some crazy bacteria that found its way onto your hands. So we are happy to share this with you.