This is an easy answer for you and will take a few nights of application.

  • First, wash your feet when you get home from work or right before you are ready to nestle down for sleep. Clean feet and warm feet will absorb our products much better than when they are dry.
  • While your feet are warm and wet, apply a generous dollop of our Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Cocoa Butter Cream (our Ultimate Moisture Cream that comes in a brown jar) and slather it generously everywhere you are cracked and hurting.
  • Grab some socks that you warmed up in the dryer or microwave for a few seconds and slip them on for the night. In the morning your feet will feel so good you won’t want to shower!
    This same concept can be used on your hands that become dry and cracked. The Ultimate Moisture Cocoa Butter Cream is pure moisture and so easy to use. I remember when we were first developing this product I placed a light blanket on my couch, applied generously and nearly slipped off the blanket! Ok maybe I was a bit excessive, but I had to tweak it from there to have what you have in your hands. Was it worth it? Absolutely.