Body Butter Bars are absolutely amazing for skin – whether it’s adult skin or fresh, baby skin. Teaching our littles how to bathe is just one of many things we are in charge of advising our children how to do. It’s our job as parents to teach our kiddos how to bathe themselves – without losing our minds. So, I’m sharing with you the way I teach my kiddos how to bathe themselves and use the Body Butter Bar instead of lotion. It saves time, effort, and sanity!

My two three-year-old twins are funny, inquisitive, adventurous, and love splashing around in the bathtub. Of course, you can imagine that this can get out of control. You see, we bathe them together, and when one wants to play with a toy, the other must play with the same toy as well. Although we manage that situation pretty well, I came up with a good solution for cleansing so that no one has to fight over anything when bathing.

First, I teach both of them that they must thoroughly cleanse first – Once they lather up, they rinse off. In order to avoid the tantrums associated with sharing, I cut the Body Butter Bar in half so that 1. The bar fits perfectly in their little palms, and 2. They each have their own – in turn, avoiding tantrum-city.

I teach them to dip the bar in the warm water, or hold it under the gush of water that is the spigot, and then rub the bar over their arms, chest, belly, and legs. I do not encourage them to do their feet as the butters from the bar increase the likelihood of slippage aka disaster zone.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

They both love having their own Body Butter Bars, and once they’re finished, they get out of the bath, and I drape them with a fluffy towel simply patting them dry (no rubbing). This makes my life so much easier because I don’t have to wrangle two toddlers with slippery lotion.

Again, saving time, effort, and sanity!

My kiddos tend to be dry toward the end of the day because of all the playground activity, dirt digging, and rough-housing. They need a great moisturizer that’s without all the harsh chemicals. The natural skin conditioners of the Shea and Cocoa Butter hydrates their baby soft skin providing protection throughout the night and into the next day. If I notice they’re dry at all in the morning (which happens in the Winter time), I simply rub a bit on their legs and arms before dressing them, and they’re off for the day. My favorite is the Cocoa Butter Cream.

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Enjoy the extra time to snuggle your littles!