Winter is known for creating a splendor of dryness no matter what part of the country you’re in. Dry skin can reveal itself by way of dry, cracked knuckles that resemble a desert to chafed and chapped elbows and legs with white (ash). All of these symptoms are less than desirable, but there is something we can do about it!

Many people suffer from these awful skin conditions whether it’s due to an underlying skin condition or just general dry Winter skin. A common question among people in the Winter is “What’s the best lotion for cracked hands”?

Truth is, there are many great products that tackle a lot of skin conditions – especially in the Winter. At Indulge Pure Originals, we find that the best solution to supporting the repair of dry, cracked hands does not come in the form of a regular liquid lotion, but rather, a solid form.

What Is Solid Lotion?

Unlike regular lotions, many of which have water as the first ingredient, a solid lotion bar is a nutrient-dense lotion that comes in solid form (some with and some without water added). Indulge Pure Originals Body Butter Bar™ is a solid lotion bar that is formulated specifically to repair dry, damaged skin.

Why Go With A Solid Lotion?

  1. Solid Lotion Bars travel really well. As we move forward into Spring and Summer, this will come especially handy. No need to worry about plastic tubes exploding during your flight, and you can even carry this on the plane without worry that TSA will confiscate your goodies.
  2. No Waste – With exceptional skin application, Indulge Pure Originals Body Butter Bars™ glide over your skin without any waste left at the bottom of a bottle. You’ll use every last bit of your bar – which we think is very kind for our environment!
  3. No Water – All Nutrients. Body Butter Bars™ contain no water to dilute the deep penetrating nutrients contained within each bar.
  4. Save Time – For ultimate effectiveness and efficiency, use your Body Butter Bar™ in the shower or bath. Just after rinsing your cleansed skin, apply your Body Butter Bar™ while still in the shower when your pores are open ready to receive all that goodness! No need to apply lotion when you pop out of the shower – simply pat dry with a towel!

What About My Hands?

Solid Lotion Bars are heat-activated which means, the bars warm and slowly melts onto warm skin or under warm, running water. The top recommendation for challenged skin on your hands is to use a Body Butter Bar™ when showering, and then throughout the day when using the restroom on thoroughly cleansed hands.

The Body Butter Bar™ acts as a heat-seal for undernourished, dull skin. Hands definitely take the brunt of daily life, so they need cared for until the condition is well managed.

Repair Dry Cracked Hands

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Body Butter Bar™ users have been known to see results the very same day – what better news than results?!

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Stay Moisturized, Friends!