Video Blog: What is the difference between a Body Lotion and a Moisturizing Cream?

You may think that body lotion is just lotion – lotion is lotion, right? Actually, Indulge Pure Originals™ Hand & Body Lotion is completely different from body cream and made for different types of skin! Made with water, Cocoa Butter, and Soy, these three perfect ingredients deliver a light-weight moisturizing body lotion that is made [...]

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Hand Repair Kit at CrossFit Oconee

In this video Alexandria from Indulge Pure Originals introduces a new stockist of the Indulge Pure Originals Hand Repair Kit, CrossFit Oconee.  If you are a regular CrossFit attendee or just looking for something to repair your hands after working out, then you can't go past the Hand Repair Kit. We are so pleased [...]

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How To Use The Hand Repair Kit

Alexandria from Indulge Pure Originals is back this week to talk about Hand Care, and how to use the Indulge Pure Originals newest product, the Hand Repair Kit. Hands take a beating. From cooking and cleaning, to housework, gardening, projects, and more, our hands take the brunt of the work. Repairing and caring for your hands doesn't [...]

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