Women Making Waves | Jennifer Duvall

Our world is created by each and every unique individual that walks this planet. Infrastructure, business, community groups, products, services and the like are all formed by willing and motivated individuals. In honor of International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, this series, Women Making Waves, is a series on Women’s Impact On [...]

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What’s The Best Lotion For Cracked Hands? Hint: It’s Not A Liquid

Winter is known for creating a splendor of dryness no matter what part of the country you’re in. Dry skin can reveal itself by way of dry, cracked knuckles that resemble a desert to chafed and chapped elbows and legs with white (ash). All of these symptoms are less than desirable, but there is [...]

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What Does Exfoliation Do?

Every day, our skin is exposed to various environmental factors including allergens, dust, chemicals, the ingredients in our skin care products and make up essentials. It’s important for us to care for and cleanse our skin to renew and regenerate fresh, clean skin by exfoliating. But what does exfoliation do? Why do we need [...]

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Better Skin From Within

What do you think of when you think of “skincare”? My first thought is, obviously, Indulge Pure Originals – then, my mind wanders off to products I use to cleanse my face such as Rhonda Allison’s Foaming Peptide Cleanser, or toners, masks, peels, facial hydrating treatments, etc. I never once thought that skincare could start [...]

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How to Dry Skin Brush

Dry Skin Brushing has been used for many years even in Ayurveda’s 5,000-year-old healing science which began in India. It has exceptional benefits to the skin as well as internally including: Increased circulation Improved lymphatic drainage to boost the immune system Removes dead skin cells allowing for new cell regrowth Creates smooth, silky skin [...]

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What Is Dry Skin Brushing?

Dry skin brushing has been used in Ayurveda’s 5,000-year-old healing science originating in India. It was also used in Ancient Greece by athletes to improve their circulation and to remove sweat from their bodies after sport contests. Japanese used skin brushing in preparation for traditional hot baths as well. To this day, dry brushing [...]

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How To Soothe Dry Itchy Skin

A question that we are always asked is “I have dry itchy skin, how in the world do I soothe my skin?” The answer to this is simple. The first step is to use a moisturizing soap. One great product is the Oatmeal soap that we offer here on Indulge Pure Originals. This soap will [...]

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Exfoliators and Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are "the thing" but how do you care for them without losing the eyelash extensions? Good question! I asked our skin care specialist, Priscilla to answer the questions that pop up about eyelash extensions. She said that you need to prevent rubbing the eyelashes, stretching them, pulling on them, and in general [...]

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Alert! SPF sunscreen ingredients may be affecting our eco system

SPF effects in body moisturizers and the ocean Recently read an article in the December issue of Day Spa magazine reading about how the sunscreens that have SPF ingredients in them are effecting the eco system. Increasing evidence that today's non-biodegradable SPF products may have a detrimental effect on our environment. Makes sense [...]

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