In this video Alexandria from Indulge Pure Originals shows you how to use the Body Butter Bar.

The first step of using the bar is cleanse your hands using a hydrating soap. This will create a clean surface to which you can apply the body butter bar. We recommend a hydrating soap as it helps to maintain moisture in your skin.

The second step is to warm and glide the bar. Turn on some warm water and take the Body Butter Bar and run it under the warm water. You will note the bar becomes silky to touch. Once it’s silky glide the bar over your skin.

Make sure you get a good layer on your skin and massage it in.

Do not rinse off the body butter bar.

The third step is to pat dry your skin. Do not rub off the body butter bar, just lightly pat dry the skin. You should see a layer of moisture left on your skin.

I hope this helps, if you’ve got any questions just email us at [email protected]