I enjoy the different fragrances Indulge Pure OriginalsTM has to offer. Can I use different ones together?

It’s always fun to experiment and I say go ahead if you like that layered affect. We prefer to recommend that families of fragrances be used together – such as Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Egyptian Musk with Citrus Moisturizing Cream layered on after using the Citrus Body Butter Bar. It’s a combination that gives a happy, [...]

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Are these all natural moisturizers and lotions?

Our Indulge Pure OriginalsTM moisturizing creams and lotions are made with natural products from Africa and other sources that are completely in line with the highest and purest ingredients available. The cocoa butter used smells like chocolate and that is a natural fragrance. The Shea butter is processed and refined because in its raw state [...]

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I had a cut on my arm and noticed that my skin started to heal more quickly than usual. Are there healing properties in these products?

Nothing short of a prayer that whomever uses these products will be blessed. We have had customers using these products who totally swear that their skin has healed. Even though ingredients like cocoa butter and Shea butter have naturally healing properties, we do not make any official claims about our products. We can only go [...]

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My dog seems to be attracted to my Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Body Butter Bar. If he eats it, or licks it, will he die?

We have not experienced death with any animals. Pets are often attracted to these body butter products because they smell so good and are made with natural ingredients – including Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil. To avoid any problems, do not leave any of our products on a table or sink where a [...]

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When I use my Indulge Pure OriginalsTM Moisturizing Cream or Body Butter Bar before I step out of the shower, it feels a little slippery. What should I do?

I recommend that you have a shower mat, carpet or a towel – something that you can step onto as you exit a shower or tub, that will grip your toes and feet to prevent falling or slipping. When your feet are moisturized it takes the roughness away that normally would grab and stay put [...]

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