Alexandria from Indulge Pure Originals is back and she’s just finished a workout at the gym and she’s got a few callouses from pushing it hard in the gym. Alexandria will show you how you can use the Indulge Pure Originals Body Butter Bar to help smooth out those callouses and restore moisture and softness to the skin.

Prior to using the Body Butter Bar, Alexandria uses a soap to clean off the dirt from her work out, making for a clean starting point for the use of the Body Butter Bar. The soap that Alexandria used was the Indulge Pure Originals Oatmeal Soap.

Once Alexandria has cleaned her hands you can clearly see the callouses. To use the Body Butter Bar Alexandria runs it under the warm water and as she does this you’ll see the product being left behind on the hand.

Once you use the Body Butter Bar you do not want to wash it off. This will help repair the callouses and moisturize the skin.