The beginning of a new year always provokes thoughts of things to change, things to make anew, goals, often reflecting of where we have fallen short, the things that we didn’t accomplish, the goals we didn’t achieve.

As we embrace this new year – 2019, I have reflected upon where Indulge Pure Originals has been and where we are headed. In 2011, Kimberly Acworth, my Mother and Indulge Pure Originals Owner, Founder and Creator, set out to create a product that would heal her horribly dry skin. After months and months of testing, creating, adjusting, and settling on a formulation, the Body Butter Bar™ was born. Read more about how we began here.

As I contemplate the origination of Indulge Pure Originals, I journey forward through the years and notice the most important quality – Where we began and What we have accomplished. Going from a non-existent product to a product that actually produces results. A paper-wrapped Body Butter Bar™ sample with an address label and ounces indicated by pen to a professionally labeled bar with directions, ingredients, and other indications. This is just one example.

2011 Original Body Butter Bar Sample Paper Packaging
2011 Original Body Butter Bar Sample Versus 2018 Body Butter Bar Sample
2011 Versus 2018 Body Butter Bar Packaging

We launched Lathered, Scrubbed, & Loved, a magazine dedicated to providing information about healthy living. We began meeting small business owners (many of them women – woop! woop!) and developed relationships – which is what it’s all about, right? We expanded our “healing reach” by providing wholesale options for small businesses. We brought the majority of our production in-house to become more efficient and have the opportunity to provide new product developments for our customers – our IPO Tribe. We have come so. far. and it’s humbling to look back on where we began.

And, truly, it’s all due to our customers – Our tribe of people who have supported us from day 1 to the people just finding out about our little company – thank you for all of your support.

All of these thoughts lead me to think about our own personal lives and how we should focus on our own personal accomplishments and really noticing from where we have come to our passions, our goals, our desires for better lives, relationships, spirituality. Whatever your goals and objectives may be for 2019, don’t let the things you didn’t “reach” or “meet” overtake where you’ve come and where you’re headed. Just look at IPO – beginning out of a small desire to heal dry skin to a company thriving and helping others achieve smooth, silky skin.

Cheers to 2019! May it be filled with love, laughter, light, prosperity, and happiness.

Stay Moisturized, Friends!