Winter can seem so drab and dull with freezing cold temperatures ( -45 and below in some states!). I often find myself dreaming of warmer places, the beach, sandy oceans, and sunshine during this time of year.

I met my gal pal, Jenn Raedy, of Bronze Glow Tan in Winder, Georgia, and her spray tan salon always reminds me of Summer. If you haven’t seen her Instagram posts – go check her out . She specializes in giving ladies and gentlemen that perfect Summer glow no matter what season we’re in! When we met the other day, she offered to give me that perfect glow, and of course I obliged!

She had some tips for me, however, and send me a full article on how to prepare my skin for a spray tan.

This is what she sent me:

In preparing for my tan, I took careful consideration to read her faqs and tips and put those to good use. After all, I didn’t want my tan to look crispy in my dry spots or streaky!

So, in prepping for my tan, I’ve taken Jenn’s advice and added in a few Indulge Pure Originals products to make the experience that much more. Here are my tips on prepping your skin for a spray tan:

1-2 Days BEFORE Your Tan:

  1. Water, Water, Water! Consume as much water as your body can handle. The more water you consume, the better your skin will be hydrated.
  2. Exfoliate daily. I used the Indulge Pure Originals Mint Pumice Scrub Soap and Oatmeal Soap to cleanse and exfoliate. The Mint Pumice Scrub Soap was perfect for the heels of my feet, my elbows, my hands, and my knees. These are the toughest areas of my skin, and it really needed some good abrasion. I used the Oatmeal Soap, however, to gently exfoliate all over the rest of my skin.
  3. Shave! If you’re like me, and you like a nice, clean surface, you’ll want to shave the day before. If you don’t, you’ll end up with little spots – no Bueno.
  4. Thoroughly moisturize your skin daily in the days leading up to your spray tan. My recommendation is the Cocoa Butter Body Butter Bar and the Cocoa Butter Cream. I use the Body Butter Bar™ while still in the shower to lock in the moisture while my pores are open. This is the best time to hydrate. For extra moisture, I follow up with a light layer of Cocoa Butter Cream once I’ve patted dry with a towel after my shower. I also applied the Cocoa Butter Cream all over just before bed to make sure my skin was extra moisturized while I slept.

Day Of Your Tan:

  1. Shower in the morning, and be sure thoroughly wash and rinse off any product that may have been left behind. Spray Tan technicians must have a clean canvas to work on. Any product (shampoo and conditioner residue can affect your tan if left on your skin).
  2. Pack your dark and loose clothing! Tight-fitting workout leggings just won’t do for after your tan, and, in fact, they can really mess up your tan development. Just make sure you have dark clothing and loose clothing that won’t squeeze your skin too tightly. Also, don’t forget your flip flops. Your feet will be sprayed to ensure you have a flawless finish.
  3. Remove your make up! Having a clean, clear face will ensure you have a beautiful, glowing face after your tan.

Here’s a fun, little fact which I thought was brilliant and so mindful:


Yep, Here I am with Jenn, in the nude, with noseplugs! How brilliant and caring is it that she does this for all of her clients?! Although the solution is non-toxic and natural, she wants to make sure your lungs are healthy, too! These little plugs feel cold when you insert them, and it feels a wee-bit like you have a little “hanger” in there, but it’s all good. Healthy lungs, healthy tan, happy me!

After Tan Care:

  1. I chose the 8 hour tan option where you basically live in your dark, loose clothing for the next 8-10 hours. When you jump in your shower to do your “first rinse” you’ll be rinsing (no washing!) off that top layer. By this time, your skin has already absorbed the beautiful tan leaving you with a luxurious glow just as if you lived in Morocco for the Summer. After I did my first rinse, I applied my Cocoa Butter Body Butter Bar carefully while still in the shower. When finished, I patted dry with a dark towel to avoid getting any product on my white towels.
  2. I loved that Jenn provided me additional “insurance”, basically a little dauber with tanning solution on it in case of any missed or light spots – After 6 days, I still haven’t had to use it ☺ But, should you find a light spot, gently dab and blend to achieve that flawless coverage.
  3. Hydrate even when your skin feels hydrated. I am moisturizing using my Cocoa Butter Body Butter Bar in the shower and following it up with Cocoa Butter Cream afterwards, throughout the day, and in the evening. I even use the Body Butter Bar™ at the sink when I’m through with washing my hands.

For all of the expert tips, please visit for all of the pre-care and post-care!

Here are my results:



I absolutely love my spray tan, and if you follow the steps as above and be sure to take care of your skin inside and out before and after your tan, you’ll have a lovely glow to brighten up Winter days.

If you have any specific questions about spray tanning, I would definitely turn you over to the expert, Jenn Raedy, at Bronze Glow Tan in Winder, Georgia. Speaking with her and getting a spray tan from her won’t disappoint!

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Should you have any questions on using the Indulge Pure Originals Body Butter Bars or Cocoa Butter Cream, you may always contact me via email at [email protected], send me a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

Stay Moisturized, friends!