You might have to admit that you have products shoved underneath from centuries ago in the back of the bathroom cabinet that you MIGHT use. Not to be until the fall comes around and those products are still looking at you when you decide to go on a treasury hunt for a hand lotion or moisturizer.

Then you find it!! Hooray for you. The new year’s resolution has bound you to fixating on your finances that you won’t buy one more beauty item until you have used up what you bought last year. Except, you see an expiration date on it. Does this still mean you can use it if it doesn’t smell to bad? Read on…

There are expiration dates on products for a reason, and as with food, skincare expiration dates should be respected, as should the timeline for shelf life after opening. this is generally indicated by a pictogram of a jar with the a number and letter M after it. For example, as explained to me, 8m means the moisturizer will remain its efficacy after 8 months of being opened. Watch for warning signals that he product has gone bad by:

  1. change of scent
  2. change of color
  3. separation of products in the container
  4. oxidation of products

I know with Indulge Pure Originals original formulations we found that our moisturizer had turned a yellow color and I couldn’t understand why. After speaking with the formulator, she told me that the product had burnt under our direct lights (lamps) at the salon. From being at the salon on the shelf with the direct light shining on it, the product is so pure and so natural that our lights burnt it on the one side. the product was still good, still functional and still a great product but just burnt. From that point on years ago, we had to change where our products sat in the salon as to not burn. We always guarantee our products but this was one topic where we could change our outcome by moving our products out of the direct light. You won’t have to worry about this at home however; it is always good to think about where you will store your products for best freshness.

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