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SPF effects in body moisturizers and the ocean

Recently read an article in the December issue of Day Spa magazine reading about how the sunscreens that have SPF ingredients in them are effecting the eco system.

Increasing evidence that today’s non-biodegradable SPF products may have a detrimental effect on our environment. Makes sense I thought when you have a non natural but bio-degradable product could possibly effect those little critters swimming around in the ocean. Specifically mentioned are the coral reefs in the ocean that are vital to maintaining the planets delicate ecosystem-  which is a team of global scientists looking into the sea itself for resolution.

As noted in this study by American Chemical Society’s Applied Materials & Interfaces journal are working cooperatively with researchers from Spain, Sweden, and Australia to find natural sunscreen molecules found in algae and other reef microorganisms. Pairing the organisms with chitosan, a biopolymer present in crustacean shells and used in skin care products, they were able to create a compound that was shown effective in absorbing UVA and UVB radiations. The scientists believed the other polymers (molecules that make things stick together in layman’s terms) could help achieve this effect.

I felt good after reading this article because we do not have sunscreens in our Indulge Pure Originals lotions and body moisturizing creams. We have natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and shea butter that keep the skin moisturized but you still have to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays that are harmful to the skin. However; if you are after the ultimate moisturizing cream that is natural then this is the place to try our Cocoa Butter cream. Use this right after a shower with your skin warm and wet, then pat dry with your fluffy towel and you will have smooth skin all day. The warm heat opens the skin and the water that is mixed with the Ultimate moisturizer will make the application smooth plus light weight.