Eyelash extensions are “the thing” but how do you care for them without losing the eyelash extensions?

Good question! I asked our skin care specialist, Priscilla to answer the questions that pop up about eyelash extensions. She said that you need to prevent rubbing the eyelashes, stretching them, pulling on them, and in general leave the mascara off of them which is why you decided to have your eyelashes done in the first place. Less work, less maintenance and overall wanted to look like a celebrity that walked out of the magazine.

How to take care of my eyelash extensions? Sure wish I paid attention years ago before they were so popular. I enjoyed the long lashes that were extended out of my eyelid. If felt beautiful. I was sitting at the Lake Oconee Gabby’s resturant when part of our dinner party asked me if I had longer eyelahses. I said, “yes” and left it at that. I was thrilled someone noticed which made my day.

After investing in the eyelashes, I needed to make sure we could take care of them with the right products. Priscilla recommends a shampoo for lashes to help get rid of the built up of dirt at the base of the lashes that mites would think they are feasting on. Properly washing and rinsihing the lashes keep the lashes longer. Apply the foamy cleanswer till you feel they are saturated enough, rinse. Ready for the next day.