This season we have many gift ideas for the gardener in her. I’m sure she has a ritual before she goes out to her garden, mentally preparing for the experience of digging in the dirt, she feels it move through her fingers and enjoys the euphoric feeling of the hot sun on her back.

Lots of mental hinges get opened while she is creating her artistic landscape in her flower beds. She has worked through the problems that are currently plaguing her mind. As she pushes the trowel through dirt with force, she comes up with the physical solutions to her problems. After she has completed her days work out in the garden, she contemplates her fingernails and hands. She nods her head thinking, my hands need some work. Her cuticles are torn, dry cracked hands and fingernails have the award of dirt underneath that she wears proudly as a badge of honor.

Our gift boxes this year proudly present the solution to your Mother’s gardening hands. We include a Mint Scrub soap 3.5 oz that will master any dirt underneath nails or built up calluses for feet or hands that need aggressive attention. Also, our ultimate moisturizer Indulge Pure Originals Cocoa Butter Cream is truly the best for a natural approach that is holistic to the point that you could “almost” eat it. Good for the skin and to top off the exfoliation is the Indulge Pure Originals Body Butter bar that locks in all of the moisture for the skin used with water to drive it in for deeper penetration to prevent dry skin.

All of our Indulge Pure Originals gift sets come in our NEW gift boxes that can be mailed or on its own. It’s designed to impress your gardener for Mother’s Day!

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