Best Skin Care Routine For Women Of Color

Black skin is beautiful. From golden caramel to smoky obsidian, high-yellow to pecan-tan (as my Mother-in-Love likes to call it), the depth of melanin and tones in women of color is, simply-put, gorgeous. Sunning Black Skin In order to keep that beautiful depth of color, it’s important to properly care for and [...]

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Preparing Your Skin For A Spray Tan

Winter can seem so drab and dull with freezing cold temperatures ( -45 and below in some states!). I often find myself dreaming of warmer places, the beach, sandy oceans, and sunshine during this time of year. I met my gal pal, Jenn Raedy, of Bronze Glow Tan in Winder, Georgia, and her spray [...]

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Valentine’s Day Gifts From The Heart

Valentine’s Day across the world is typically associated with lovers and the exchanging of gifts, but behind the commemorative day is a past shrouded in mystery. One story, according to , says that: The Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One legend contends [...]

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Indulge Pure Originals Flagship Product – The Body Butter Bar

The flagship product that we produce and promote here at Indulge Pure Originals is our Body Butter Bar. This product was specifically formulated by Kimberly Acworth, our founder here at Indulge Pure Originals, to help ease her dry itchy skin. After extensive research and finding the right manufacturing partner, Kimberly produced a Body Butter [...]

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How To Use The Hand Repair Kit

Alexandria from Indulge Pure Originals is back this week to talk about Hand Care, and how to use the Indulge Pure Originals newest product, the Hand Repair Kit. Hands take a beating. From cooking and cleaning, to housework, gardening, projects, and more, our hands take the brunt of the work. Repairing and caring for your hands doesn't [...]

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